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New Construction



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Service Upgrades

Adding a spa? New air conditioning? Solar panels or home generator? Or a new home office and networking needs?  

P.D. ELECTRIC's  menu of service upgrades gets you all the right stuff when you need more power or need to apply what you have more efficiently for more convenience, communication or security.

Whether your improvements call for new wiring, new circuits or new fixtures, we do it all.
Complete troubleshooting or retro-fitting services, custom-tailored to your special requirements. Capabilities include interior 
and exterior re-wiring, lighting design and upgrades plus preparation and wiring for new appliances, home security, networking and telephone, entertainment equipment and surround sound.
We can provide complete wiring services 
for all interior and exterior preparation and installation, including fixtures. Services
include all necessary wiring for lighting, appliances, networking and telephone,
home automation, home theater, intercom
& surveillance, home security, audio/video,
in-wall speakers or surround sound.

Our services are as simple or complex as
your needs dictate, working directly for the homeowner or as an experienced and supportive member of the professional contracting team.

  When your power breaks down, don't hesitate to call us. Our rapid, cost-efficient response gets you powered-up quickly, whether repairs are required indoors or outside. Wiring, re-wiring plus the repair or replacement of circuits, fixtures and switches/control connections are all available, with P.D. ELECTRIC's fast, no-hassle estimates and expert service.
We design and/or provides a wide range of electrical installations for most landscape applications. These include tree and shrub highlighting, as well as security and outdoor walkway installations, plus pools, spas and other creative water elements. Our services include low voltage and 110 wiring for both residential and commercial applications. 
Home Theater

Enjoy real movie-quality entertainment right in your home with Dolby Digital and THX. Our experience enables us to fully understand and support your complete needs, with careful attention to your special interior design requirements, including home theater furniture.

We then handle all necessary wiring and installation, blending seamlessly into your home décor with a minimum of inconvenience and a maximum of entertainment satisfaction.

 When you’re not sure what the problem is, we will get positive results fast with hassle-free expertise that brings power to the people with a minimum of fuss and costly downtime.

Electricity is spoken here, and whether the problem is small or large, we will identify and repair it with service that’s both quick and guaranteed.
Your safety is our business. We can and install the wiring or design complete security and intercom systems. Our systems range from video cameras to state-of-the-art protection against burglary and fire. 

We work closely with the architect or general contracting team to meet the most demanding new-construction or retrofit needs for business or public or display facilities (such as auto dealers etc.) while also assisting individual homeowners to enjoy peace of mind with minimal disruption.