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Orange County Home Theater Installation

Bringing High-Quality Entertainment into Your Home

Sometimes there is nothing more exciting than sitting down to watch a movie on the big screen with friends or family, munching on popcorn and escaping from the busyness of life for a few hours. Yet, movie theaters themselves are not always conducive for providing the right ambience for true enjoyment, with their uncomfortable seats and minimal amount of legroom. If you are located too far or too close to the screen, or if someone tall is blocking your view, the experience can become quite irritating. A far better option would be to have the movie theaters somehow come to your home, where you could relax in peace..

Thanks to advances in Orange County home theater installation, this dream can become a reality.Our knowledgeable team at PD Electric Inc is ready to install the perfect entertainment system in your house, so that you can watch big screen action in absolute comfort.

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Superb Home Theater Systems

If you could tailor your own home theater system, how would you create it, and what features would you want? Here at PD Electric INC, we have all the most cutting-edge technology to fulfill your wildest dreams of theatrical entertainment. If you want the sound of your movies and shows to reverberate around you, we can install full wireless surround systems with powerful speakers for optimum audio.

We have multiple types and sizes of crystal-quality screens that can be mounted on the wall or even lowered using wall plate controls. Of course, every system comes with an excellent remote control that allows you to optimize the levels of sound, brightness, and quality on a single user-friendly device.

Accessories for Your Own Home Theater

No theater would be unique without the right accessories for creating the perfect ambience. Depending on your preference, we can install multiple options for vibration or light dimming functions, all controlled with the single touch of a button.

PD Electric, Inc
Just some of the accessories you might want to consider for your theater include:
  • In-wall or ceiling speakers
  • Custom-made, vibrating seats
  • 4D sound systems
  • Controls for light dimming
  • Voice activation control
  • Connection to Apple TV

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