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Here in California, we know that we can expect warm temperatures almost all year. As the heat rises, it not only can get uncomfortable, but downright dangerous for humans to be exposed to such high degrees. Fortunately, there is an economical way to stay cool without breaking the bank every time the summer arrives. Here at PD Electric INC, we are proud to offer superior Laguna Niguel ceiling fan installation and repair to keep you cool and comfortable. Unlike smaller pedestal, stand, or table fans, our ceiling fans are powerful enough to keep the entire room cool, but also efficient and affordable.

No matter whether you are installing new fans into the house of your dreams or are seeking to repair one in your office which has been malfunctioning, our team can find the best solution to address your unique needs. You no longer need to fear the heat with our dedicated technicians nearby. Often times a ceiling fan will also have a light integrated in it. If you are experiencing lighting problems, give us a call, we can help!

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The Advantages of Installing a Ceiling Fan

One of the primary reasons why so many people are switching to ceiling fans these days, as opposed to stand fans or even desk fans, is because the fans attached to ceilings tend to be much more effective at quickly cooling down a room. In a short amount of time, your home or business can be eight degrees cooler. Ceiling fans are not only powerful options for the summer, but they are extremely useful in the winter too. Simply by flipping the fan switch, you can change the blades’ direction. This works to press warm air away from the ceiling and into your home, making the whole house warmer in the winter.

Professional Repairs for Your Ceiling Fans

Sometimes, homeowners are tempted to fix a fan on their own in order to save a little bit of money. The problem is, repairing a ceiling fan is not only complex and difficult to accomplish, but it can also even be dangerous. When you are straining to reach delicate wiring behind or within the fan, it is easy for the entire device to come detached, causing you to lose your balance or be electrocuted in the process. Trust our dependable electricians to get the job done right instead. We also provide commercial services for celling fans!

Just some of the issues we can repair include:

  • Fans that refuse to turn on
  • Wobbly fans
  • Airflow issues
  • Blades that do not reverse directions
  • Faulty fan remotes
  • Odd grinding sounds
  • Fan lights that do not work or continually flicker
  • Loud humming noises

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Enjoy the Comfort of a Cool Home

When everything outside seems to be on fire from the blaze of California heat, you need to retreat to your refuge of cool, breezy air. No one wants to be sitting all day long in their own sweat. Instead, trust our technicians at PD Electric INC to provide Laguna Niguel ceiling fan installation and repair that you can rely on, even on the hottest of days.
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