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Securing Peak Performance and Longevity for Solar Panels, Electrical Panels, AV, and Smart Home Systems with PD Electric

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PD Electric is now offering comprehensive annual maintenance plans for Solar panel systems, electrical panels, AV (audiovisual) equipment, and smart home systems. With a focus on consistent optimal performance and longevity of these crucial components, the plans encompass annual inspections, cleaning, and preventive maintenance. For solar panels, we address issues such as dirt accumulation and potential shading to maximize energy production. The electrical panels receive thorough checks to identify and rectify any electrical issues, promoting safety and efficiency. AV and smart home systems benefit from routine diagnostics, software updates, and calibration to guarantee seamless operation. PD Electric's commitment to proactive maintenance aims to enhance the reliability and sustainability of these technologies, providing peace of mind to homeowners and businesses invested in renewable energy and smart living solutions.

PD Electric

Electric Panel Annual Maintenance

PD Electric emphasizes the vital role of annual electrical panel maintenance in ensuring safety, efficiency, and longevity of electrical systems. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our comprehensive maintenance plan, tailored to deliver numerous benefits. Our skilled technicians conduct thorough inspections, identifying and addressing potential issues such as loose connections or corroded wires promptly to mitigate the risk of electrical failures. This proactive approach extends to enhancing safety by identifying and rectifying fire hazards, prioritizing customer and property safety. Moreover, our maintenance program focuses on efficiency, including thorough cleaning procedures to optimize performance and maximize energy efficiency. Choosing PD Electric for annual maintenance is a proactive investment in safety, reliability, and efficiency, upholding the highest standards and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Plans Starting at $299

PD Electric

AV Annual Maintenance

At PD Electric, we prioritize the seamless operation and longevity of electronic audio-visual (eAV) and smart home systems through our dedicated annual maintenance services. Our comprehensive maintenance plan is tailored to proactively identify and resolve potential issues, ensuring the reliability of these technologies. Regular inspections, cleaning procedures, and software updates contribute to the optimal performance and extended lifespan of eAV and smart home components. Without proper maintenance, there's a heightened risk of glitches, connectivity problems, and premature wear and tear, leading to disruptions in entertainment and home automation experiences. The absence of regular upkeep also increases the likelihood of outdated software, potentially compromising security and limiting compatibility with new technologies.

Plans Starting at $499

PD Electric

Solar Energy System Annual Maintenance

PD Electric recognizes the crucial role of maintaining solar panel infrastructure for continued reliability and efficiency of renewable energy sources. Our meticulous annual maintenance plan focuses on optimal solar panel performance. We conduct thorough inspections to assess cleanliness, addressing accumulated dirt to prevent productivity hindrance. Comprehensive examinations of electrical connections, inverters, and monitoring systems are carried out to promptly identify and rectify potential faults. We prioritize structural integrity through detailed inspections of mounting systems and frames, with periodic performance testing to detect anomalies in energy output. This proactive approach ensures the longevity of our solar power system, aligning with our commitment to sustainable and reliable energy solutions, minimizing operational disruptions, and contributing to our goal of providing clean and efficient energy to our customers.

Plans Starting at $1,200

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