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For the absolute best prices in Orange County and top-notch, professional work, you can count on PD Electric's amazing team of technicians for all your TV mounting and installation needs. Interested in the popular wall and fireplace mount? Or perhaps you are in need of an outdoor patio mounting. Our technicians are ready for prompt service with all the necessary equipment and tools to complete the job on time. You can rely on our dedicated team of highly experienced professionals to assist you with all your TV mounting needs anywhere in your home or business.

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We can accommodate most surface mount settings for any residential or commercial needs. The following is a list of our most popular mount and installations:

  • Tabletop TV Mount: For security measures, tabletop mounts have been the best solution in most cases. If you have such concerns, our tabletop mounting service could be the right solution for you. Our dedicated team can assist you with the right model for your dresser, desktop, or any other surfaces that you want your TV mounted on. Call us today for a free quote of all upfront cost and a detailed estimate.
  • Wall TV Mount: If you are need of additional space in your home or business, mounting your television on a wall is always a great solution as well one of the most popular services offered. Our techs are always fully equipped to take on the entire TV mount and installation, making sure that you have the most durable and long-lasting mounting system available. Questions about plasma or flat-screen TVs, the right tilting or space system mount? Call us today and we will assist you with every detail of your project.
  • Fireplace TV Mount: A fireplace mount could dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of your living room, bedroom or office. It's also a great way to save the available space of the room. We offer an effective, comprehensive and safe solution for professional fireplace TV mounting at the most affordable pricing in Orange County. We only use the most durable brackets and equipment as well has the most professional, up-to-date installation tools. The job is completed without any cables or wiring to be seen, maintaining the rooms visual appeal. This is one of the very best fireplace TV mounting and installation services available in Orange County.
  • TV Mounting Outdoors: Through our 20 + years of exceptional service in Orange County, we have proudly served countless customers with all their TV mounting and Installation needs including those customers wishing to expand their home entertainment to the outdoors! Protecting your TV and entertainment system outdoors is our number one concern and our work is always resistant to environmental damage. From TV installation and set-up by the pool or a flat screen on the patio, we always provide a professional installation experience you will absolutely love.
  • Ceiling TV Mount: Mounting a TV to the surface of a ceiling is extremely important. Not only does the mounting and installation need be completed without any wires in sight, but also strong and secure enough to meet all safety requirements. Our trained technicians have the right tools necessary to complete a durable and completely secure ceiling TV mount. You can relax and enjoy the view of your TV, knowing full-well that it was installed by industry leading professionals using only top-quality premium tools and equipment. We guarantee that you will love the amazing view of your new ceiling mounted TV.
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Contact our industry professionals for the very best solution for your TV mount, installation or repair. Call (949) 569-8131 or get in touch with us online for a free consultation.

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At PD Electric, we always have the right mounting solution for any surface of your home or business and for any TV size and shape. Our custom mounting features adjustable tilting for the exact angle and location you have in mind. Our highly trained technicians using only industry-leading tools will deliver the most satisfactory results at very affordable rates.

You can count on our industry trained team of professionals for:

  • High Satisfactory Service and Results
  • Mounting of Every TV Size and Shape
  • Fast, On-Time Service
  • Beautiful, Picture-Perfect Mount and Installation
  • Affordable & Customizable Options
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For more information on a variety of custom services, contact us today to schedule an appointment online or call us at (949) 569-8131. We will find the best solution for your TV installation, TV mounting, and repair needs in Orange County, CA.