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It is important to understand the significance of maintaining and examining the electrical outlets in your home or workplace. Despite their seemingly simple appearance, these components of your electrical system are prone to faster breakdown than any other part due to continual contact points made every time you plug or unplug a device.

In the event of a complete outage, it is crucial to have your outlets repaired promptly, so you can resume your daily routine. PD Electric offers reliable electrical outlet repair services in Orange County, providing you with peace of mind and a quick solution to any issues with your electrical outlets.

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Safe, Professional Handiwork

If your electrical outlets unexpectedly stop working, it's understandable to want to fix them yourself by removing the cover. However, this can be risky and result in electrical shocks if you lack the proper training for electrical work.

Instead of attempting a hazardous DIY project, reach out to our team of electrical experts. Our technicians are extensively skilled and can assess the issue accurately before suggesting a secure and cost-effective solution. You can rely on our electricians to handle your outlet repairs efficiently and accurately, providing you with complete assurance.

Common Issues with Electrical Outlets

Choosing our company has the advantage of our broad expertise in repairing various types of outlet problems. Repairing outlets involves more than just removing and attaching the covers. Our electricians possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that enables them to diagnose and repair any outlet issue you might encounter.

No matter what sort of issue you're encountering, you can count on our technicians to address any outlet problem, including those related to:
  • Loose connections of wires
  • Receptacles that have become damaged
  • Decreased amperage rating
  • Outlets that feel warm to the touch or are visibly sparking
  • Outlets that have died
  • Worn-out or deteriorated slots
  • Missing protection for AFCI/GFCI
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